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Physical and Chemical Testing

SCC samples


The Corrosion Engineering Laboratory and the other laboratories across the Kennedy Space Center have the facilities, equipment, and experienced personnel to perform a large variety of materials-related testing beyond corrosion testing. Often corrosion testing is performed in tandem with mechanical and chemical testing based on the larger program needs. The Corrosion Engineering Laboratory can act as a single source to provide test results beyond corrosion results should other test methods be needed. 

Testing provided directly by the Corrosion Engineering Laboratory in tandem with corrosion testing:

  • Coating testing: thickness, hardness, pull or peel strength adhesion, color, gloss, solar emissivity, and reflectivity.
  • Stress corrosion testing: Bent beam, U-bend, C-ring, and tensile type specimens in accelerated or long-term atmospheric test environments.
  • Tensile testing: Fatigue, stress, compression, lap shear, adhesion. 
  • Chemical interface characteristics and degradation: FT-IR, SEM, XPS, and surface hydrophobicity via contact angle.                                      

Testing provided indirectly by the Corrosion Engineering Laboratory if in tandem with corrosion testing:

  • Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE): CT scanning, X-ray, dye penetrant, ultrasound, and terahertz. 
  • Specialty Testing: Vibration, vacuum, electrostatic, electrical, conductivity.



   Dye penetrant example

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