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Corrosion Fundamentals

Filiform Corrosion

This type of corrosion occurs under painted or plated surfaces when moisture permeates the coating. Lacquers and "quick-dry" paints are most susceptible to the problem. Their use should be avoided unless absence of an adverse effect has been proven by field experience. Where a coating is required, it should exhibit low water vapor transmission characteristics and excellent adhesion. Zinc-rich coatings should also be considered for coating carbon steel because of their cathodic protection quality.

Artistic Corrosion (Courtesy of

Filiform corrosion normally starts at small, sometimes microscopic, defects in the coating.

Filiform Corrosion at Weld Seam

Worm-like Filiform Corrosion at Scribe

The picture on the left shows filiform corrosion causing bleed-through on a welded tank. The picture on the right shows "worm-like" filiform corrosion tunnels forming under a coating at the Atmospheric Test Site.

Filiform corrosion is minimized by careful surface preparation prior to coating, by the use of coatings that are resistant to this form of corrosion (see above), and by careful inspection of coatings to insure that holidays, or holes, in the coating are minimized.