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Government Publications for Download

  • Standard for Protective Coating of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum on Launch Structures, Facilities, and Ground Support Equipment. NASA-STD-5008B (Including the Approved Products List)
    Adobe's Portable Document Format (pdf): NASA-STD-5008B
  • Corrosion Control and Treatment Manual TM-584C (Revision C)
    ASCII Text: tm584c.txt
    Adobe's Portable Document Format (pdf): tm584c.pdf

Abstracts Dealing with Corrosion at KSC

Over the years, KSC has been active in the area of coatings evaluation and corrosion research. These reports contain information about the performance of brand name coatings and alloys subjected to the severe environment at the Kennedy Space Center Beach Corrosion Test Site.

Ordering Publications and Abstracts

If you would like any of the above full reports, download the PDF from the abstract page or send us your name, shipping address, phone number, and e-mail address to